706, Hindi Thriller Mystery Film – Rating 1*

706, Is Hindi Thriller Mystery Film –

Produced By: Sandip Patel

Written & Directed By: Shravan Kumar

Edited by: Kumar Tiwari

Executive Producer: Rocky Patel Unit

Production Manager: Vipin Singh

Director Of Photography: Virendra K

Music: Amar Mohile


Dr. Anil Asthana , played by Mohan Agashe is Husband of Dr. Suman. Dr Anil is missing from last 11 days and police does not have a clue about the whereabouts. A kid who is ill from a strange disease visits Dr Suman, who is a physiatrist doctor. Kid knows the where about a of Dr. Anil Asthana and DCP Shekhawat, played by Atul Kulkarni investigates this strange kid and his information in this supernatural thriller

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