Arabi Kadala Theeradali (U/A) – Kannada Thriller Film-Rating 3.5*

Upcoming Kannada Suspense Thriller Film “Arabikadala Theeradalli”,

Arabbi Kadala theeradalli

Written and Directed by : V Umakanth,

Producer: Krishne Gowda

Leading Role: Krishne Gowda, Vaishnavi C Menon, Ranjitha,  Sundar Veena, Sandeep Kumar, Prabhakar

Executive Producer :  B S Somaraj 

Associate Director : T Srinivas 

Music & Re-recording : Ravish A T

Cinematography : M R Seenu

Editor: Lingaraju

Drone : Hemanth Kumar, Guru Kundapur

Makeup : Balu , Chandrashekar

Distributor : Shukra Films & Sapthagiri Creations 

Stills : Premraj K K 


An ace International Fashion Photographer with lots ancestral properties was in love and planned to get marry her, but destiny did not allow , she got murdered brutally and he labeled as psycho and was under treatment. When the days passed, another girl came across his life and planned to get married her, the situation twists again ……


Director V Umakant and Producer Krishne Gowda has bought the audiences an enthralling experience of thriller in a completely new dimension that touches the finer aspects of personality disorders that is growing day by day……an experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat….

The direction is brilliant and exuberant and is fortified by incredulous performances by Krishne Gowda, Vaishnavi, Sunder Veena, Sandeep Kumar,  Prabhakar…The movie is not the standard movie with too many unnecessary songs but has only one song that links to the essence of thriller and suspense by Ravish, who has also provided the background music that increments the suspense.

The movie revolves around the following central characters…. Vamsi Krishna Manohar  (Krishne Gowda the lead male role) a International photographer by heart , his love interest and wife Madhulatha (Vaishnavi)…an astute character,  Varda (Sandeep Kumar ) the leads brother and Comra – A tribe (Sunder Veena)…

The story starts with crime scene of rape and murder in a village …..but keeping the suspense not revealing who has done this heinous act…which is the gist of this story….. It moves further wherein Vamsi  Krishna Manohar  has gone to meet the Psychiatrist )Ramesh Bhat) and explaining he off late has various illusions and delusions….Psychiatrist examines him and conveys that he does not have any personality issue and does not need any medication for the same… rather he should follow his passion of photography

Vamsi wins the STARDOM , best photographer of Asia award and he is flanked by media delving into his personal life and future plans of marriage and career,. He is further questioned on various fronts including models asking him about Veda which is avoids. On career front his popularity grows , TIMES magazine interviews him but at personal front he is feeling the heat regarding Veda’s death and the beautiful moments spent with her.

But life moves on and Madhulatha (Vaishnavi) enters his life ….he removes all the memories of Veda and gets absorbed completely in Madhulatha…his new found love…. which after various ups and downs eventually culminates into marriage…..

Vamsi and Madhulatha decide to go to Honey moon and on insistence of Madhulatha they decide to go to Vamsi’s home town estate. Vamsi ensures that Varda his brother has done all the necessary arrangements. In the estate lot of untoward incidences happen and they meet Comra and Battru…. Further Madhulatha expresses interest to see his old house, which vamsi denies with various reasons.

Comra the character is central to suspense and he opens up the pandora box about Veda to Madhulatha… during there stay in estate a fire breaks out in absence of vamsi and Comra saves Madhulatha along with the help of Vadra and Bhataru.

The twist starts and Varda informs Madhulatha that vamsi is a Psycho and he has murdered veda which leads to fight between Vamsi and Varda….when Madhulatha escapes from the scene. All the characters in the movie are searching Madhulatha when Varda discovers that Comra has molested and killed Veda…

The suspense further intensifies….. Who killed Veda… Vamsi or Comra or there is another twist……..Go watch the movie on screen… a must watch Kannada Thriller …..


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