Hosa Climax – Kannada Film – Rating 2.5 *

Kannada Film ” Hosa Climax” … Today’s Young Generation living Relationship….

Story / Producer / Director : Dr. Shally – Germany

Starring: Naresh, Anitha Bhat,

Music : Maruthi

Script: Sheshagiri

Technical Director : M D Kowshik,


Above the  Unemployment issues his Model friend ditch him and  from this depressed stage Dr Shally a International Business Tycoon  lifted him give him an  opportunity to come up in the life .. rest on Silver screen.

Photo Orbit Media Rating 2.5 * / 5

Review by  Premraj K K 

Naresh was stuck by stardom and wanted to be a STAR in the movie world…..and to meet ends he was working as a GYM Instructor.

STARDOM and flamboyance struck Naresh met Priya who was sailing the same boat…in the modelling Industry……and both were awestruck…..not by love …..But to keep their surging hormones calm…

And they say nothing beats Money….neither relations….. nor your own conscious… and she decided to grab this opportunity with both hands and invited him for a living relationship…..to curb her desires….share the expenses and even to protect her from the evils and perils of this selfish world and the lure of promising him a BREAK in this industry… which gets preference to neptosim…

The initial phase of attraction …..faded over time and she got busy with her work… and forgot her promise and he kept with daily house chores and GYM , finally to realize that this is going nowhere….his dreams would remain only dreams… and being used by Priya for her own benefits….

Finally his inner voice awakened him and he decided to quit GYM instructor job….leave the glamour world….. and met Dr. Shally who was one of his customers in GYM to join with her in her business of “Konark Impex”….. a granite manufacturing company……something very different from the glamour world…..to the hard core realities of life….which eventually makes him successful….yet with its own twists and turns…..

True that…..Life is all about right focus, perseverance, hard work and dedication…..Lust..Glamour…..pleasures are short lived …… what determines a man is his focus and faith in hardwork and not shortcuts that are short lived

This is just an excerpt….but the movie is enthralling….of the next door boy….who dreamed big…faltered…..but yet stood up…..and achieved true inner peace and success….. it’s not the rags to riches story…. It’s a story of you and me…. Getting caught in the lure of luxury and flamboyance….. its all about being practical and working hard ….. and climbing the ladder of life which is beautiful….its your and my journey ….that is decoded in a beautiful CLIMAX……which is never seen before…..

This movie is melodious with 2 songs sung, good work. …. Who have rose in their life only through hard work….

As a debut director , Dr. Shally done excellent work.

Other artist like Sandeep Malwani (Noted Film Director) , Srdhar Iyengar, Nitin Sharma (Delhi) Sharath.. notable work.

Sandeep Malwani  done a role as MD of Modeling Studio, it is very interesting role. Viewers expected little more scenes because public liked his  performance .



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  1. Hosa Climax…the name of the movie is so intriguing that Im waiting for the movie to release so that I can watch the Climax…the Hosa Climax….

  2. Superb loved the concept and the courage by a women help hero to get out of depression sexiest Anitha bhat Glamourous Shally with cleavage

  3. After watching the trailer only I can make that this movie has many things love and understand. Thanks for all crew. Looking forward for 10th. I think everyone should watch it because if feel that there is beautiful messages behind this movie.Best of luck

    • Dear Mr. Akashy,
      Yes, This is move is filled with lots of Love and the entire crew is taken this film with lots of love and passion. Please watch this film and comment.
      Team Photo Orbit Media

    • Dear Mr. Govind,
      Yes, This film is with lots of Excitements, lease do watch this film and send your ratings.
      Team Photo Orbit Media.

  4. The trailer and the song looks great. Many dream, some try and only a few achieve. You are an achiever today. Congrats on this special achievement Dr shally and all the very best to the entire team of Hosa Climax.

    • Hi,
      Yes, It is Dream Fulfilling situation of the entire crew. Please watch the film and comment.
      Photo Orbit Media

  5. wow very nice to see Dr Shally as movie maker all the very best and very awiting to see the movie Hosa climax

    • Thank you very much . Please watch the film and comment. It will be a great encouragement for the entire crew members.
      Team Photo Orbit Media

    • It is a film for young generation. We Photo Orbit Media appreciate Dr. Shally’s attempt and Wish her all the best for next film .
      We do express our thanks for the response.
      Team Photo Orbit Media

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