Kaashi , In Search Of Ganga – Hindi Suspense Thriller Film – Rating 1.5*

“Kaashi in Search of Ganga” is an upcoming Bollywood (Hindi) suspense thriller film .

Directed by Dhiraj Kumar

Starring : Sharman Joshi and Aishwarya Devan And It  is a Bollywood debut for Aishwarya Devan.

Directed by : Dhiraj Kumar

Story Screenplay & Dialogue : Manish Kishore

Produced by : Dhiraj Kumar, Manish Kishore, Shravan Kumar Agarwal, Sanjay Surana, Vinit Singh

Co-producer : Nishant Dayal, Madhukar Verma & Gaurav Chauhan

Associate Producer : Sandesh Suvarna, Vivek Kumar Gangwar & Amandeep Singh

Director of Photography : Attar Singh Saini

Music : Ankit Tiwari, Bipin Patwa, Raj Ashu, Dj Emenes Lyrics : Shabbir Ahmed, Abhendra Upadyaya,


It is about this eponymous simple man Kaashi—portrayed by Sharman Joshi—who dwells in this city. Kaashi finds his world suddenly in turmoil when his young, college-going sister Ganga, goes missing. Distraught but determined, he partners with a journalist—played by Aishwarya—with a passion for finding the truth, and ventures on a quest in search of his missing sister Ganga. This search leads him to the most unexpected of findings, revealing the layered secrets of Kaashi’s life. The quest takes them on a wild-goose chase from Varanasi to the Queen-of-The-Hills, Mussoorie.

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