Karnataka Youth International Short Film Festival – Review & Winners List

Karnataka Youth International Short Film Festival organized by Filmaholic Foundation was conducted on 2nd February
2020 at Nayana Ranga Mandira. It started exactly at 3:30 PM as informed by the festival team with no delays. The day began with the
inauguration ceremony followed by nice song by Ms. Thejaswini. The show started with a musical movie dialog from Bengal.
Then followed by 23 more films for the day. There were good refreshments too, along with the enjoyment of
watching films from different parts of the world and different languages. The festival team had organized very well
with the right mixture of musical movies, animation movies, suspense thrillers and message oriented movies which
kept the audience on the edge of the seat expecting for more films but as the time was short there were only
23 films played. The movie display was followed by the award ceremony. The anchors Uday and Thejaswini did very good job in
presenting the movie marathon to the audience with neat explanation of the films. The theater was filled with
film enthusiasts expecting to see good short films. There were people and film makers coming from distant parts of
the world and India. The awards were given for 14 different categories. The chief guests for the event were Solomon George (award winning film maker), Sandeep Malani (Dadasaheb award winner and Bollywood film maker), Ere Gowda (writer and director of thithi national award winning film fame), V Umakanth (director of KFI), Dr.Ambareesh (Trustee of
Daari Anjaneya Credit Cooperative Bank and temple), Aditya.R.A.(Festival director KYISFF), Ramkumar (Social worker),
team members of Filmaholic Foundation: Kishore Sawant, Anand Subbaiah, Jayprakash, Thejaswini, Lakshmisha, Uday,
Anand Kempa, Ajith, Srinivas. Every one who had come to watch the films were happy at the end of the day as they
were presented to very good films and their time was worth spending and special mention was it was a charity show
and there was no entry fee for the film submissions as well no tickets to watch the films.
The below are the list of films played on the day and award winner details.

Dialog – Bengali
Tea the journey of life – Hindi
Bidugade aka The Redemption – Kannada
Aviramam (It goes on) – Malayalam
She is Mine – Tamil
3 Pieces of life – Assami
Nriti – Kannada
My life – Kannada
SVA – Kannada
Ardhviraam – Hindi/ Urdu
Whistle – Tamil
Who Am I? – Hindi
2050 – Srilankan          
Naan Devru – Kannada
Winding up – Hindi
Mumukshu (Liberation) – Kannada
Deadlock – Kannada
Number 48 – Tamil
BLANK – India in 1975 – Kannada
Siloed – Kannada
kam – Telugu

Award winners are as below
Category Language Movie Names
Best regional film – Kannada – Naan Devru – Uthkarsha Balaram (Director)
Best Film International – Srilankan – Tamil – 2050 -Joel Jairus Ravindran (Director)
Best Student Film – Kannada – Bidugade aka The Redemption – Naveen Tejaswi (Director)
Best Director female – Kannada – Naan Devru – Uthkarsha Balaram (Director)
Best Director male – hindi/urdu – Ardhviraam – Abhishek Gowda (Director)
Best Editor – Kannada – Deadlock – Pavan KR
Best Cinematographer – Tamil – Number 48 – Basavaprasad.A Patil
Best Screenplay – Tamil- Whistle – Surya Kumar Arumugam (Writer)
Best Actress – Kannada – Mumukshu – Deepashree Harish
Best Actor – Tamil – She is mine – Naveen Kumar
Best Animation film- Kannada – My Life – MADHUPRIYA (director)
Best Music film – Bengali – PAHARIYA BASHI (THE MOUNTAIN FLUTE) – DIPIKA BISWAS (Director)
Special jury award – Kannada – SVA – Likhith Raghuveer (Director)
Special Festival Committe Mention – Hindi/English – Who am I ? – Sandeep Singh Rana (Director)

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