Living Candles – Kannada Short Film

Living Candles – Kannada Short Film
Creator : Galli Vendor
Associate: T Srinivas
Camera & Editing : Premraj KK
Back Ground Score : Raja Sri Shankar
Studio: Swarastan Media
Mixing Engineer : A J Alimir zaq
Artists : V Umakanth, M V Kumar Das Menon , Kavya Prakash, Rajashekar, Pranil Raj, Srinivas T, Harshit Kumar, AbishekSpecial Thanks: Venugopal, Nagaraj, Veerendra , Aravind, Ravikumar, Sameer Nanda
Living Candles – Kannada Short Film Revolves a small message (But it is big) , The importance of our parents and the pain and efforts what they had taken . We have to respect the unconditional love of our parents.

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