Paddayi – Tulu Film – Rating 2*

Paddayi is a modern day adaptation of the epic drama, ‘Macbeth’ from Shakespeare. released on 13th July 2018

Director : Abhaya Simha

Starring : Gopinath Bhat, Chandrahas Ullal



Madhava and Sugandhi are a newly married couple from the fishing community of South India. Their lust for better life and thirst for upward mobility is ignited by the prophecies from the spirit that wander the land. Dinesha, owner of the fleet gives them new dreams and hopes. But when their life was on a new high, Dinesha betrays and takes back what he gave. Now Madhava and Sugandhi are determined for a bitter revenge. The story soon turns into a tale of murder and regrets.

Photo Orbit Media Rating 2* / 5


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