S V Rajendra Singh Babu

S. V. Rajendra Singh is a Kannada film maker and producer. He was born and brought up in Mysore. His father, the late Shankar Singh was one of the great producers in Kannada Film Industry and has produced many films under the banner Mahatma Pictures (Mysore). Rajendra Singh Babu has made movies in various genres. He has written and directed love stories, War, suspense thrillersand comedy movies. Many of his films have been adapted from novels or short stories. He is not only famous in Karnataka, but also across all of India. Babu has won numerous awards for his films and has also directed movies in the Hindi and Telugu languages. His sister Vijayalakshmi is the wife of actor Jai Jagadish.


Year Film Credited as Language Notes
Director Screenplay Producer
1975 Nagakanye Yes Yes Yes Kannada Debut feature
1977 Nagara Hole Yes Yes No Kannada
1978 Kiladi Jodi Yes Yes No Kannada
1981 Bhaari Bharjari Bete Yes Yes No Kannada
1981 Antha Yes Yes No Kannada Remade as Antham Kadidi Aarambam and Meri Aawaz Suno
1981 Simhada Mari Sainya Yes Yes No Kannada Screened at International Children film festival Corebeil – Essonnes, France[3]
1981 Meri Aawaz Suno Yes Yes No Hindi Remake of Antha (film)
1982 Thirugu Baana No No Yes Kannada Remake of Benaam (1974 film)
1982 Tony No No Yes Kannada
1984 Kaliyuga No No Yes Kannada
1984 Gandu Bherunda Yes Yes No Kannada Based on Mackenna’s Gold
1984 Bandhana Yes Yes Yes Kannada Screened at Moscow International Film Festival
1984 Mera Faisla Yes Yes No Hindi
1984 Sharara Yes Yes No Hindi
1985 Pithamaha No No Yes Kannada Remake of Vidhaata
1985 Ek Se Bhale Do Yes Yes No Hindi
1985 Brahma Vishnu Maheshwara No No Yes Kannada Remake of Mugguru Mithrulu
1986 Karna No No Yes Kannada Remake of Saaheb
1986 Krishna Nee Begane Baro No No Yes Kannada Remake of Souten
1986 Maneye Manthralaya No No Yes Kannada y
1987 Kurukshetra No No Yes Kannada
1987 Yuga Purusha No No Yes Kannada Remake of Karz (film)
1990 Bannada Gejje Yes Yes No Kannada
1990 Prema Yuddham Yes Yes No Telugu Remake of Bannada Gejje
1990 Muthina Haara Yes Yes Yes Kannada
1990 Aag Ka Darya Yes Yes No Hindi
1990 Sri Sathyanarayana Pooja Phala No No Yes Kannada
1992 Mallige Hoove No No Yes Kannada
1993 Hoovu Hannu yes Yes yes Kannada
1994 Mahakshathriya Yes Yes No Kannada
1995 Himapatha Yes Yes No Kannada Based on Kannada novel of same name by T. K. Rama Rao
1995 Kalyanothsava Yes Yes No Kannada
1997 Mungarina Minchu Yes Yes Yes Kannada Based on Italian movie Quattro passi fra le nuvole (Four Steps in the Clouds)
1998 Doni Saagali Yes Yes No Kannada
1998 Bhoomi Thayiya Chochchala Maga Yes Yes Yes Kannada
2000 Mechanic Mamaiah Yes Yes Yes Telugu
2001 Kurigalu Saar Kurigalu Yes Yes Yes Kannada
2002 Kothigalu Saar Kothigalu Yes Yes Yes Kannada Remade as Sandade Sandadi and Shaadi No. 1
2003 Katthegalu Saar Katthegalu Yes Yes Yes Kannada
2004 Love Yes Yes Yes Kannada
2004 Kanchana Ganga Yes Yes No Kannada
2006 Mohini 9886788888 Yes Yes Yes Kannada
2008 Buddhivantha No No Yes Kannada Remake of Naan Avanillai (2007 film)
2010 Thipparalliya Tarlegalu Yes Yes No Kannada
2011 Love in Kashmir Yes Yes No Hindi
2015 Rebel Yes Yes No Kannada
2018 Raktaaksha” Yes No No Kannada

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