Sandeep Malani’s Three projects to be showcased at Indian Cine Film Festival

Sandeep Malani’s Three projects to be showcased at Indian Cine Film Festival

Award winning Filmmaker Sandeep Malani’s ambitious 3 film projects are to be showcased at the prestigious 7th Indian Cine Film Festival 2019 (ICFF-19) to be held on the 8th of September in Mumbai.

And in a way, Malani is on cloud nine as this is the first time and also very rare that a filmmaker’s 3 projects have been officially selected to screen in any film festival. And it has only been with merit and the content that has driven the festival organizers to incorporate these films in the festival.

The films are Mookavismitha (Kannada feature); Bandagi (Hindi short) and SrideviBaaz (Musical documentary). While Sandeep Malani is an actor in the Kannada film being directed by debutante Gurudutt Sreekanth; the rest two are Malani Talkies productions been presented and directed by Sandeep Malani himself. Mookavismitha makes foray to the first time in any festival while Bandagi and SrideviBaaz have already been making a few festival rounds since last year.

Bandagi (aka Respect Woman) lays emphasis on woman empowerment with various topics and issues that the celebrities talk about. It fights for women’s freedom, to live peacefully.

The various topics in the film create awareness in the society to stop child marriage, dowry system, rape, molestation, eve teasing, domestic violence etc., and encourage education for the girl child, adoption, rights for women in the society and girl/woman’s empowerment. It also gives importance to motherhood.

Popular actress Sudha Chandran, Adaa Khan (of Nagin fame), Sonal Monteiro,  Harshika Poonacha, model Komal Atmaramani and others have been part of this short documentary. It has an anthem song on women featuring Meena Malani, Sanjukta Ghosh, Shubha Raksha, Reshma Malani, Mahesh Dulam, Anita Dulam, Ranjeet Jha, Akash Hora, Mahendra Pandey, Vishal Digani, Karan Sharma, Bharath Lakhsmikanth, Aditi Dulam and Silver Malani.

SrideviBaaz – Sridevi Lives Forever is a short musical narrative documentary on Sridevi’s life and career. With pictures to say about her and her some famous songs of South and Hindi films; it also ends with the memories and best moments captured – Sridevi with Malani family.

Mookavismitha (aka Struck Speechless)  is a Kannada feature film set in the 1950’s era in which Sandeep Malani plays the head of the family Hiriyanna, a rough tough egoistic and a strict Havyaka Brahmin.  In the age of 55, when he has two married sons, he becomes a father of an infant girl child. This irks him and he always creates a problem to his wife and his family members. The film is directed by Gurudutt Sreekanth. And also stars Chandra Keerti, Shubha Raksha, Pushpa Raghavendra, Krupa Prahalad and others. Music by Dr Chinmaya M Rao

Malani’s three other projects – Nishyabda Nishi (Silent Night) directed by Silver Malani; Mamta (Maternal Love) about a transgender’s desire to be a woman and Heeriye (My Love), a musical video is also been considered at various film festivals.

All the projects have been edited by Santosh R Chawla for The Studio Agency. And is a Malani Talkies production.


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