Atantra (U) – Kannada Film – 3 *

“Atantra”  Kannada film about Social Issues, will be released on 31st Aug 2018.

Producer : B P Singh

Writer & Director : Ishaq Kazi

Leading Role : Bhoomika, Radha RamChandra, Anil Kumar, Vishwanath, Bikram Singh

Under Basappa Films.

Music : Suresh BNV

DOP : Shiva Ambli & Vishnu Prasad

Banner : Anukul Production.

Photo Orbit Media Rating 3 * / 5


A farmer in remote, there is no transportation and medical facility, struggling with life for end-to-end , lost entire hope even the better half  and showing us a farmer’s life. The problems and sorrows of a farmer.   The current New generation must watch.

Review By : Premraj K K

In today’s world were healthcare they say is accessible even in the remote sectors of rural India due to PHC, various government polices like NHRM ….. but we are still far from the prejudice of truly accessible secondary structure of healthcare……

We really cannot entirely blame government policies ….or the process….partly it’s our mindset ….our own age old belief of landlord system….inequality…case system…. and of course the male chauvinism that in inherited in our genetic makeup ….that will take a while to completely go away.

“Atantra” is a touching story that engulfs all these above aspects which might sound very remote for we staying in metros, towns……..This movie brings out the fact that it still does exists in rural India. It tries to give you the social message that we need to help or own people in the rural India to overcome these nuances and focus more on growth and development.

Of course similar movies has been made, but what’s different in this movie…that will ensure that you go watch this movie is…that brings out

  • The incredulous reality of tough life in rural and remote sectors….it still exists…where we had a phone app helping us get a taxi in a fraction of time…this movie brings the fact that still basic transportation and accessibility for days togther to cities is an issue. The central characters in this movie played by charming Bhoomika (Lakshmi) and Mrs. Radha Ramachandra who plays Lakshmi’s mother face this staunch reality day in day out
  • Wherein we have various job opportunities to have a good comfortable life….the lead male character Kyahta, Speach Impaired Individual (played by the Director Ishaq Kazi) does various odd jobs right from cleaning the temple to black smith work to daily wage laborer in farm…and survives on the food donated by devotees of Shiva Temple and sleeping in the temple corridor……yet you see him cheerful and helpful……proves that for existence of humanity….true attitude that matters
  • When such 2 true souls Lakshmi and Kyatha meet …..true love sparkles between these 2 beautiful hearts… who are supported by local Muslim good Samaritan (Fakkirappa)…who not only helps Kyatha for his love life but also with daily odd jobs, food.. and even a basic need for transportation

When life was going peaceful with a clear focus….enters the Villain….local land lord of the Village played by BP Singh (Gowda)….who has truly demonstrated a tough character who believes in bonded labor , making Kyatha work only for him.

As life goes on Kyatha and Lakshmi get married with the blessings of Lakshmi’s mother and Fakkirappa and both work for Gowda. Gowda….who feels that all the people in village are his property….has an eye on Lakshmi. Gowda keeps insulting Kyatha for every small negligence and one day sends him off for some work so that he can pounce on Lakshmi.

Lakshmi who already does not like Gowda for his rude behvaiour, protests the advances made by Gowda. Agitated by the protest from Lakshmi , Gowda asks both Kyatha and Lakshmi to vacate the premises and ensures that both don’t get work, food and shelter..

Lakshmi is now carrying. Kyatha is putting more efforts so that he can support the family of 3. In this times when he needs more support , Lakshmi mother goes missing adding to already existing agony..

They say that it never rains it pours….. Lakshmi who is near term …. Goes in labour…

Watch the heartfelt agony…on how Kyatha struggles to take her for delivery in the nearest accessible healthcare facility…with no money… with no transportation…with no family support….in an abandoned village…

Watch this heart touching…..story that brings out the pain being witnessed by rural people…even for basic amenities…tortured by some selfish land lords for their ego, pleasures…and the true love that a dutiful husband does for his wife..

This movie besides having a very strong script…is also enhances by brilliant acting by all the lead characters……with an heart touching background score……

Mrs. Radha Ramchandra
Producer : B P Singh
Producer : B P Singh
DOP : Shiv Amli
DOP : Shiv Amli
Director : Ishaq Kazi
Director : Ishaq Kazi





U Certificate

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  1. After decades waiting kannadigas got wonderful film full of art and kannada culture. I wish great success for this art movie, request all kannadigas to watch movie in theaters/ screens and encourage the team of this movie.

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