Fortuner – Kannada Romantic Film – Rating 3*

Fortuner ( ಫಾಚು೯ನರ್; English: Luck or Privilege) is an  Kannada language romantic-family drama

Directed by Manjunath J Anivaarya

Starring:  Diganth, Sonu Gowda, Ratan Ram,  Swathi Sharma, Rajesh Nataranga,  Vinayak Joshi, Naveen Krishna, Kalyani Raju,  Bala Rajwadi, M. S. NarasimhaMurthy, Pallavi Raju


Fortune translates to Luck or Privilege. Life is said to be meaningful only when we analyze, punish and omit our imperfections before it is pointed out by others. This transition in life forms the crux of the story. The romantic drama unfolds life’s situations and the protagonist’s adaptation to the scenario. Watch the complete film to know whose fortunes are going to change.

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