Ibbaru BTech Students’ Journey – Kannada Romantic Drama Film – Rating 2*

“Ibbaru Btech Students’Journey” Kannada Film Releasing Soon.

Director : Vemuganti (Aandhra Pradesh Nandi Awardee)

Producer : C L Srinivas Yadav & P Vinay Kumar

Co-Producer : Chikballapur Srinivas

Starring: Saikumar , (Veteran Artist in Lead Role),

Krishna (Hero),

Kiran Chetvani (Heroine) ,

Bullet Prakash (Comedy Role),

Ravikiran, Veena Sundar, Vijay Chandur

Music : Elender

Singers: Santhosh, Ajay Warrior, Anirudh Sastry (Ambi Ninga Vayasaythu Fame), Chethan Nayak, Hemanth, Meghana Joshi

Banner : Sri Shivani Arts & P S Movie Makers

Director’s speech : Namaskara, My long standing dream has come true with the film “Ibbaru B. Tech Student’s Journey”. So far I have made many movies in Telugu with variety of stories. Two movies among them have been awarded with a total of six ‘Nandi Awards’ in various categories. Since many days it was my true desire to make a feature film in Kannada. Because Kannada people love to watch Natural presentations, be it a story or a movie they prefer nativity and natural events happening around. Hence keeping the current happenings in the society and the problems faced in view, I chose a different story describing the educated youth how they hurriedly fall in love and quickly get separated, high Ego issues, brushing the love aside and ending up in divorce even after marriage, extreme cases of suicide etc; a story which is very close in narrating such issues was selected and “Ibbaru B. Tech Student’s Journey” has been made. This movie starts with both Hero and Heroine planning a long journey together to understand each other’s tastes, feelings and attitudes and shape up their future life if everything suits or part away if it does not match. After interval towards the end it is the thrilling climax to watch whether their life style suits to each other and happily get married or they fall apart. This film revolves around the youth world and is a fine family entertainer. I am optimistic that Kannada people will encourage and bless my debut attempt in Kannada. Saikumar has played the role of a Psychiatrist in the movie and has delivered an excellent performance. The role played by Saikumar, a very popular actor in Kannada is the highlight of this movie. After listening to the story he happily agreed to be a part of this project. Hero and Heroine, though it is debut film for both, they have given a dedicated and superb performance. Very senior artists of both Kannada Big and small screen Ravi Kiran and Veena Sundar have nicely performed the roles of Hero’s parents. As I am new to Kannada industry, they were very kind and co operative in giving all suitable suggestions at right time. With the intention of enhancing the richness of the presentation, and create a fresh feelings in audience, we have shot two songs in Malaysia. A melodious theme based song appears in the back drop which is nicely sung by Ajay Warrior. Comedy of Bullet Prakash is on a different approach and we are sure the audience will like it. Yalendra has scored the melodious music for five songs and the entire movie as well. Palani has exhibited a fantastic skill in 5.1 mixing, re-mixing and RR. Prahallada has nicely penned four songs out of five in the movie. At the outset entire contributions like Story, Art, music and wonderful Cinematography etc have added to the great effort and made the movie a special one. I sincerely convey my Gratitude to not only Technical team and artists, but also to the entire team who made this possible. Finally, I humbly request the Fine Kannadigas to receive this movie whole heartedly and bless us through your boosting encouragement and make this a big HIT. Thanking you, Vemuganti, Director


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