Realestate – Upcoming Kannada Action Film- Releasing on Jan 2020

Real Estate – Kannada Action Thriller Film

Director :– Sanjeev Gavandi

Story, Dialogues, Producer : N.Ramkrishnappa

Music, Lyrics, RR, DI — and entire  Post production :– Karthik Venkatesh

Cinematography :– Veeresh

Choreographer :– Star Nagi

Stunt director :– Rocket Vikram

Co- Director :– Raki

Starring: Guru, Girish Jatti, Vinay Koundinya, N. Ramkrishappa, Kempegowda, Rajnikanth, Mohan Juneja, amd more ..

Synopsis: A film which revolves around the nexus between the underworld, political arena and the normal middle class citizen — and encircles around the life of Guru and his family — especially his father who is  warm, lovable yet a strict disciplinarian  — and nurtures the dream of owning his dream home.

Unnecessarily Guru and his family find himself in a precarious situation, entangled in the cruel , heartless world of Real Estate kingpin and politician Jagannath Reddy.

Guru after seeing his family in dire straits, seeks revenge on this real estate mafia and political leader —  Jagannath Reddy.


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