Taanashah(A) Hindi Drama/Action Movie – Rating 3*

Taanashah(A) Hindi Drama/Action Movie – Duration 1 Hour 40 Min
Directed By – Ritam Srivastava
Produced By – Rizwan Ahmad , Salman Uddin , Rehan Ahmad , Mukesh Srivastava , Sanjay Malik
Presenter : Milan Pandey
Starring: Dilip Arya , Indraneel Bhattacharya , Shashi Chaturvedi , Laura Mishra , Ravi Khandwilker ,Vinod Nahardih b, Tanmay Ranjan Rahul Chauhan, Manoj Joshi.

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  1. Taanashah film is Inspired by true events.. A cunning Dacoit Who ruled a land for more than 20+ Years , a tyrant goes to evolve the situation. Interesting subject. Wonder full direction.

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