Vellai Pookal – Tamil thriller Film – Rating 3*

Investigative Suspense-thriller Movie

Directed by Vivek Elangovan.

Starring:  Padmashri Vivekh, Charle, Pooja Devariya, Dev and Paige Henderson

Indus Creations, founded by Indian tech expats in the US, has produced this movie partnering with Tentkotta, a digital video streaming platform for Tamil movies worldwide.

Starring:Padmashri Vivekh, VTM Charle, Pooja Devariya, Dev, Paige Henderson

Director: Vivek Elangovan

Producers: Dhigha Sekaran, Varun, Ajay Sampath

Director of Photography: Jerald Peter

Story & Screenplay: Shanmuga Bharathi, Vivek Elangovan

Music: Ramgopal Krishnaraju

Editor: Praveen KL

Art Director: Supriya Krishnan

Lyrics: Madhan Karky

Sound Design: Kunal Rajan

Colorist: Balaji Gopal

Public Relations: Nikil Murugan

Distribution Partner: Trident Arts Publicity Designs: Rising Apple Audio Label: Muzik247

Rudhran, a retired police officer from Tamil Nadu, decides to spend time with his son who lives in the USA. There, he meets his daughter-in-law and various interesting neighbors, quickly making new friends. However, the seemingly welcoming and peaceful neighborhood soon turns hostile when people around him start to suddenly disappear, presumed dead. Rudhran’s police instincts kick in, and he embarks on his own investigation to identify the serial killer on the loose. His journey leads him to tussle with local gangsters in a chase across the Pacific Northwest, with his initial interest in the case turning to obsession and desperation when someone close to him goes missing. Along with his newfound friends, he risks his life to find the culprit. Who is the killer? Why did he kill? Watch this gripping thriller to find out.

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