Solomon K George

Solomon K George is an Indian film editor who works predominantly in the South Indian cinema. He has edited films and documentaries and television shows.






2012 Sweet poison Kannada Spencer Matthew
2013 Anjada Gandu (2014 film) Kannada Pradeep Raj
2013 Thipperudra Swamy Kannada Shivanand
2013 Devadasi Kannada Swathi Ambarish
2014 Thandava Kannada Gopal
2015 Dress Code Kannada Shivakumar
2015 Sanjeyelii Aralidha Hoovu Kannada M.D. Kowshik
Brief Profile of Solomon  K George
As a Director :

Kandhaa (Kannada) 2016

Vidyane Sree (Kannada) 2018

Makkada Manas(Kodava&Kannada) Under Post Production (as on Jan 2019)

Mr& Mrs. Krishna (Kannada) Under Post Production (As on Jan 2019)

As An Editor :

  1. Sweet Posion (English, Hindi,Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam)

Director –  Spencer Matthew.  .

  1. Anjada Gandu (Kannada)

Director – Pradeep Raj.

  1. Devadasi (Kannada)

Director – Swathi Ambareesh,

  1. Thandava (Kannada)

Director – Gopal.

  1. Madam Helidha Kathe (Kannada)

Director – Kumar..

  1. Sri Guru Nayakanahatty Thipperudra Swamy (Kannada) Spot Editing

Director – Shivanand.

  1. Sanjeyelli Aralidha Hoovu (Kannada)

Director – – M.D. Kowshik..

  1. Nigoodha Rahasya ( Kannada)

Director – M. D. Kowshik.

  1. Muthina Pallaki (Kannda)

Director – M. D. Kowshik.

  1. Udho… Udho…(Kannada)

Director – Ranganath

  1. College Maphia (Kannada)

Director – Ranganath

  1. Dhvani (Kannada)

Director – David Sebastian

  1. Pathanga (Kannada)

Director – Sathya

14.Agathya (Kanndada)

Director – Nandish

  1. Saaki (Kannada)

Director – Dass

  1. Roopa (Kannada)

Director – Anthony Kamal

17.Monica is Missing (Kannada)

Director – Krishnappa

  1. Devadasiyaru (Kannada)

Director – Swathi Ambarish

  1. Sathyadev IPS (Kannada- Dub)

Director – Gowtham Menon

  1. Palithamsha (Kannada)

Director – Kapil

  1. ILLA (Kannada)

Director Raj Prabhu

  1. Om Bala Sai (Kannada)

Director – Rajendra Kumar Arya

  1. Dheera (Kannada Dub)

Director – Vishnuvardhan

  1. Ambaniputhra (Kannada)

Director – Dore Raj Teja

  1. Commando (Kannada Dub)

Director – Shiva

As a Technician  (DI & 5.1 DTS)

  1. Aashirvaad (Kannada)
  2. DressCode (Kannada)
  3. Kaadu Haadhya Hoogalu (Kannada)
  4. Monica is Missing (Kannada)

Censor Mastered Films

  1. Aameta Aasal Eemata Kushal (Tulu)
  2. Softare Kya Yarron (Bilingual)
  3. Sakuni (Telugu)
  4. Lessons in Forgetting (English)

Kannada Films:

Sweet Poison, Samsaradalli Golmaal, Bhava, Sandalwood Sa Re Ga Ma, Yaarivanu,Magic Ball, Story Kathe, Tunturu, Kotlalappo Kai, Nandheesha, Lakshmi, Naavu Geleyaru, Gombegala Love, Guest House…..


Sub Titled Films

Sweet Poison, Naavu Geleyarau, Kaadu Haadhya Hoogalau, Madam Helidha Kathe, Quit India, Gombegala Love.

As a Associate Director

1.Sweet Poison (English, Hindi,Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam)

2.Anjada Gandu (Kannada)

3.Sri Guru Nayakanahatty Thipperudra Swamy (Kannada)

  1. Ondhu Chance Kodi (Kannada)


With his 15 years of experience as an editor and associate editor, Solomon K George is now on an experimental streak with his first directorial film, Kandhaa in Kannada.

The 92-minutes-long movie (Kandhaa) was filmed in one long take by a single camera Sony FS 7. “A five-minute duration in the movie was saved for the title and credits and that concludes the film to 97 minutes” says Solomon.

The film (Kandhaa) was shot in its entirety in a single location – Bangalore Movies Studio, KR Puram. “The film’s script was written at this studio. We did our rehearsals here for 25 days with the cast and technicians before we took the final shot,” he explains.

The film being a female-centric one features Riya Devadiga, Divya Chavan, Ninasam Pradeep and Girish Srivatsav. According to the director, the movie runs with just five characters, but the screenplay sees seven characters. This leads to an interesting confusion,” Solomon reveals.

Kandhaa, which means ‘child’ is a psychological thriller and has received an ‘A’ certificate, which is evidence of the level of fear factor attached to the movie. Team Kandhaa is busy doing the festival rounds, before it comes out in main theaters.


News Paper cutting about Film Kandhaa

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